Wireless Networking

Wireless Service for Your Staff & Guests

Business-Grade Wi-Fi

Extend Your Network Painlessly

Are you looking to make the most of your business network with a wireless solution? You should definitely talk to us at WISE MSP – we are the wireless specialists to provide the solution you’re seeking at a price that will surprise.

Indoor, outdoor, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint, we can survey your site, design a solution, supply, deploy and remotely manage your wireless network. Even better, we will be ultra-competitive on price for every aspect of the project.

Whether you’re looking for simple wireless connectivity, or a completely managed solution, you absolutely must call WISE MSP on 1300 686 311.

Connect Your Sites

Point-to-Point Wireless Links

Need to expand to another shed, or bring another site onto your network. If you can see it, you can extend the network with a point-to-point wireless (PTP) bridge. PTP wireless is the simplest of all wireless deployments and, compared to times past, is fast, reliable and very inexpensive. So, when you need to extend, don’t just think copper or fibre, compare the price and ease of deployment of PTP wireless.

Social Wi-Fi

Make the Most of Providing Wi-Fi to Your Guests

Complimentary internet is now simply expected by your patrons. Why not get something back? Social Wi-Fi provides your guests friction-free access to your wi-fi, simultaneously capturing valuable aspects of their social graph for your marketing. By allowing customers to connect with their social media credentials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Google), you’re enhancing their¬†experience of your services, and your customers reciprocate with information to fuel your marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re interested in a trial on your existing wireless, or need a whole new wireless network, talk to WISE for all the options available to you.

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