Campbelltown Catholic Club Chooses Datto

The King of Clubs Opts for True Business Continuity
ClientCampbelltown Catholic Club
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Campbelltown Catholic Club Selects Datto Over the Competitors

When looking at a new backup and disaster recovery solution, Campbelltown Catholic Club had some common, but important, boxes to tick. Firstly, they needed to backup up a variety of servers, both physical and virtual, from a number of physical locations. They wanted to off-site these server backups to Australian-based Cloud storage. They wanted the option to spin these images up, both on-site and in the Cloud. Finally, they needed to backup their Office 365 accounts.

After presentations from the “usual suspects”, the Club contacted us and asked for a demo of Datto’s Business Continuity solution. Combined with Datto’s Saas Protection for Office 365, not only did it satisfy all the requirements but, with a single charge based on data volume rather than the number of devices being backed up, it was competitively priced. Also, the Club cited the end-to-end proprietary integration as an added strength of the offering.

In the space of just a couple of days, the hardware was installed, initially identified servers backed up, and images pushed to the Cloud. All that remained was to identify additional servers to be included, and provide access to training resources. To say that the process was smooth is an understatement.

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