Network Security

Protection at Critical Points

True security is a multi-vector game. You need protection at all the critical points of your network – your internet gateway, your incoming mail, and your endpoints. Just as important, you need to monitor these control points to ensure that they stay up-to-date, and that any issues identified are properly remediated. Finally, you want reporting on all significant events, and insights as to what your people are doing online. WISE MSP has solutions for every aspect of your security.

Web Content Management

On-Prem or In The Cloud

The best part of Office 365 is its enterprise-class email, which includes all the feature-rich options of running your own mail server. While you might want other applications from the Office 365 suite, you can have just email for the price of a sandwich per month. You still get all the advantages of having your own mail server, like mail that’s not locked on individual devices and shared calendars – you just don’t have another server that needs to be maintained. 

WISE can make the whole thing simple by getting you set up on Office 365, moving your existing mail, contacts and calendars, and including the billing for your Office 365 in a single monthly invoice with the rest of your services.

Email Signatures

Simple, Centrally-Managed Signatures

If you’re tired of trying to ensure consistency of email signatures across the business, WISE has the solution for you. Create the signature once, for everyone or for groups, and have that signature assigned to email on the fly, as they are sent. It even attaches your signature to email that you send from your smartphone.

Whether you’re using Office 365, or your own on-prem’ mail server, we can help simplify your mail signature management. Ask us how.

Email Security

Added Protection for Your Business

Not only is email spam, and malicious emails, annoying, it has become the single most dangerous point of entry for the bad guys. Many people have had the security of their network compromised by malicious emails, and the problem is not going away – in fact it getting worse.

Fortunately there are tools we can employ to minimise the impact this threat has on your business. Ask WISE for a trial of Mailguard, the most effective mail security solution that stops the malicious mail ever being delivered.

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