Hosted Servers & Co-location

Our Servers, Or Your's

Whether it’s your servers on our hardware, or your own hardware hosted in our Tier 1 facilities in Sydney, WISE MSP has an affordable solution for your cloud compute. We can design, license, deploy and manage your cloud servers so all that you need to do is use them.

Hosted Servers

Your Servers on Our Hardware

If you’re still running your own servers on-prem’, you seriously need to be asking why. Break out of the hardware refresh cycle, stop wasting your compute dollars on the “one vender, one server” mentality, shift your capex to opex and promote mobility and agility in your organisation rather than stifling it. Talk to WISE about us hosting your server infrastructure.


Your Hardware, Our Rack

If you simply need your existing hardware moved to the data centre, WISE can manage the migration with minimum disruption, and our monthly co-lo fees are extremely competitive. Talk to us today to find out how we can help.

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