Secure Your Business

CCTV & Access Control Systems


Solutions For Any Budget

CCTV is now a must-have for any business, and good systems are now very affordable regardless of the size of your business. Our IP CCTV solutions require fewer cameras, provide crystal clear pictures across the internet or on your smartphone and, like every other aspect of your network, we can monitor and maintain the system around the clock.

Whether it’s maintaining an existing system, adding a few extra cameras, or a whole new system, WISE can supply, install, monitor and maintain your system for you.

Access Control

Scalable Perimeter Security Solutions

The simplest and most effective measure you can take to keep your business safe is to restrict access to authorised personnel only. As a Master License holder, WISE can analyse your business’s requirements and supply, install and maintain systems appropriate to those needs. With code, credential and biometric options, there’s a solution for every business that we can manage end-to-end.

24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

Back-to-Base Reassurance

When an alarm is triggered at your premises, be it an intrusion, smoke or fire, or a panic alarm triggered by personnel, WISE MSP’s monitoring service will alert you, and/or emergency services, in moments. WISE will consult with you regarding your response plans, ensure that they are implemented properly and confirm that they remain in place with regular testing.

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