Volunteer Services for Bushfire Victims

Like all of Australia – and most of the world – we have sat stunned by the raw devastation visited upon so many communities by these unprecedented bushfires. We have no words, at least none that have not already been said, other than to express our deepest sympathies for all who have lost, and our admiration for all who have served and defended. It is the essence of Australia that so many people are both.┬áSadly, it’s only early in the bushfire season so there’s a long way to go. With some luck, the next week might bring some much-needed rain.

The response, both home and abroad, has been amazing. Aside from the highly-publicised fundraising campaigns, the sheer number of grass-roots efforts to provide relief to victims and firefighters is staggering. Whilst arguably slow out of the gates, governmental support, both immediate and future, has been committed. Nevertheless, for communities to recover from these awful events, the physical and social infrastructure that has been destroyed by these fires must be replaced. Central to rebuilding, we think getting small businesses back on their feet is a critical component and we’d like to help.

As communication’s (and other) infrastructure is restored, WISE MSP would like to volunteer our services to people impacted by the bushfires. Our focus is to help small businesses but we’re more than willing to assist anyone trying to get back on their feet in the wake of these fires. Likewise, if you’re an IT provider in a fire-affected area and require assistance, please let us know how we can help you. The geographical areas we can best serve are the Illawarra and South Coast but we’re prepared to attend anywhere south of Penrith. If you or someone you know would like help, call us on 1300 686 311 or email bushfires@wisemsp.com.au.

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